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1/2S - Term 4

Welcome to 1/2S to Term 4!

Can you believe it is nearly the end of the year?

English: Guided reading and writing activities are held each morning. Students also participate in daily speaking and listening activities and are encouraged to bring something to show and tell or just share an interesting event which has occurred. 

Maths:  Topics for this term include Whole Number, Multiplication and Division, Patterns and Algebra, Addition and Subtraction, 3D Space, Fractions and Decimals, Area, Position and Chance.

Geography: This term we are studying the unit ‘People and Places’. Students will be taking a look at their place in the world.

PDHPE: Our Personal Development and Health topic this term will be ‘Child Protection’. Each Friday, students will participate in sports lessons. During Mr McCready’s Tuesday lessons, students will take part in fitness activities to develop the fundamental movement skills of run, hop, skip, dodge, catch, throw, jump and kick.

Creative Arts:  During Visual Arts lessons, we will be studying famous artists from around the world. Mrs Hansen will be teaching Music and Drama lessons to 1/2S throughout the year.

Technology: The students will engage in computer skills' activities. They will learn to log on, navigate the internet and use school-based programs.  Students will also have access to the school laptops and i-Pads.

Just a few reminders-

·         Home readers – try to read every night and bring back into class each morning.

·         Student Banking – students are able to bank every Wednesday – see the front office for account forms.

·         Fruit Break – students are encouraged to bring in a piece of fresh fruit or vegetable only to have during our fruit break – remember no snack foods or tin fruits!

·         Library- each Tuesday with Mr McCready.


Mrs K Setchell

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