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1/2R - Term 4

I cannot believe we are already in Term 4! This will be a busy but fun term!

Literacy groups are held every day, either in the morning session, or after recess. Talking and listening also occurs daily. Children are encouraged to speak to their peers about experiences or items which interest them.

Mathematics will be held Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday and will cover the curriculum topics of Whole Number, Multiplication and Division, Patterns & Algebra, Addition & Subtraction, Fractions & Decimals, Area, 3D Space and Position.

Geography this term will be the study of the world around us in the unit ‘People and Places'. Students will learn about not only their immediate surroundings, but their place in the world.

Sport will be held on Fridays and will involve modified games and fundamental movement skills.

Library is on Friday with Mr McCready where children will be able to borrow. They will also be working on their writing skills.

Technology will be taught by Miss Nagle on Tuesdays. The children will be working with the amazing robotics we have on loan from the Department of Education as well as creating an amazing video for our Film Festival in Week 8.

Creative Arts is explored in conjunction with other subjects such as Science and English throughout the term, ensuring a mix of influences.

Grandparents Day will be held from 9am in our classroom on Monday of Week 5. Keep an eye out for details in the newsletter.

Our Assembly Item will be presented to the community at the whole school assembly on Wednesday of Week 6. Classes gather at 1.30pm in the hall. The children are very excited to perform!

Fruit break- time is set aside each morning to encourage healthy eating and allow the children to have a break in the long morning session. Please ensure your child has a fresh piece of fruit or vegetable every day.

Uniform and personal belongings should be clearly labelled so items can be returned to children easily. Hats are required for recess, lunch, fitness, sport and other outdoor activities. Please make sure they have a hat each day.

Home readers are sent home each day. The books should be easy for your child to read. If they are having difficulty, please let me know. Children should be encouraged to read each day. A certificate is awarded when the child reaches 25, 50, 75, 100 and so on, nights of reading.

Student banking is collected every Wednesday. See the front office if you would like your child to participate.

Tissues- a call out for extra supplies please! Thank you to the families who keep our stocks filled.

Looking forward to a fantastic final term! I can honestly say I have loved teaching all your delightful children.

Mrs L Rio

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