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1/2O - Term 4

A very warm welcome back to Term 4. It is hard to believe this is the last term I get to spend with your lovely children for 2018. Here is a quick overview of the busy term ahead.

English – Guided reading groups: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday (even weeks), Thursday and Friday morning session. Wednesday middle session on odd weeks due to scripture in the morning session. This term we will focus on writing persuasive and imaginative texts and learning the structure and features to use in each type of text. Students will continue to develop their speaking and listening skills when presenting and viewing news.

Maths – this term we will be covering the topics Whole Number, Addition and Subtraction, Multiplication and Division, Fractions and Decimals, Area, 3D Space, Position and Chance. Also, maths group activities (TEN) will occur on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday in the middle session.

Geography – our topic for this term is People and Places. The children will explore Australia’s location in the world, the features of places, how people are connected to places and the factors that affect those connections.

Creative Arts – Students will be learning about the elements of art. They will explore the use of colour, line, form, shape, texture, space and value when making and appreciating a selection of artworks. They will experiment with different mediums including watercolour paint and collage. We will also cover drama this term whilst making our class movie for the school film festival.

PDHPE – This term the students will be studying the topic ‘Personal Identity’. During physical education they will be developing their fundamental movement skills.

Technology – Miss Nagle will again be taking 1/2O for technology lessons incorporating foundational computing skills and processes and robotics.


Fruit break is incorporated into our daily routine and children are encouraged to bring in a piece of fresh fruit or vegetable to eat during this time.

Home Readers: Please encourage your child to read their home reader every night and return it with the signed card the following day. When they reach 25, 50, 75 and so on nights of reading they need to bring the card to me to receive a home reading award. When children reach 100 or 200 nights their booklet must be put in the inbox next to the barrel in the library so that Mr McCready can issue their white award. The home reading program is integral to the successful development of strong readers.

Library: Tuesday with Mr McCready.

Student Banking:  Student banking is collected every Wednesday, any bank books and money must be handed in to the office. See the front office if you would like your child to be involved.


Uniform:  Please make sure all your child's belongings are labelled clearly. It makes it easier to return when things go missing! Also hats are compulsory. Please make sure they have a hat to bring to school every day. NO HAT = NO (outside) PLAY!


Tissues: Donations of tissues and/or wet wipes are much appreciated.

Any concerns please see me or contact me for an appointment.

Ms Megan O’Riley

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