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3/4W - Term 4

Welcome to Term 4 in 3/4W!

I hope everyone had a fantastic holiday and you are refreshed and ready for the last term of the year.

This is what 3/4W will be up to this term:

English: In English 3/4W are working on their spelling, reading and writing skills in guided reading groups. We are also reading the picture book ‘The Little Refugee' which links well into our geography unit. In this book we follow the journey of Ahn Do and his family as they escape war-torn Vietnam in the hopes of making it to Australia. Students will be using the reciprocal reading strategy to break down and understand this text. 

Maths: In maths we will be studying Patterns and Algebra, Multiplication and Division, Time, 2D Space, Mass, Data and Fractions & Decimals. 

Geography: In Geography 3/4W are studying the unit ‘Places are Similar and Different’. This geography unit examines the natural and human features of Australia and compares this to the diverse features of our neighbouring countries. We will be researching the country of China in detail allowing the students to imagine what it would be like to live in a different country. They will research and compare things like climate, natural and man-made features, daily life and settlement patterns.

PDHPE: This term in PDHPE the students will be learning about child protection with Mrs Hansen on a Monday morning. We will also be continuing with our fitness program as well as starting gymnastics.

Sport: For the first half of this term students will choose one sport to learn and play for the first five weeks and then swap to a different one for the last five weeks. Some students will be participating in the swimming program during this time.

Technology: The students will take part in a variety of technology activities every second Wednesday and Friday afternoon.  

Library – each Monday morning with Mr McCready.

A few reminders –


Equipment - A note was sent home with a list of equipment that each student needs. Can you please make sure your child has all of these things and that they are labelled with their name. It causes unnecessary lesson disruptions when students don't have the equipment needed or it has been lost because it wasn't labelled.

Homework – is given out each Monday and needs to be completed and returned on Friday. 

Home readers - Please try and make sure your child reads their home reader every night.  Don't forget to sign your child's card once each night.

Fruit Break – We have fruit break every day and students are encouraged to bring a piece of fruit or a vegetable to eat at this time.

Scripture and Assembly – every alternate Wednesday (assembly - even weeks, scripture - odd weeks).

Student banking – Banking day is Wednesday. See the front office if you would like your child to be involved.

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