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3/6A - Term 4

I am excited for all that our final term of 2018 will hold. There will be the expected mixed emotions; the highs of celebrating all the achievements contrasted with the sadness of seeing our Year 6 students leave. Then there is the excitement for them as they prepare to embark on new horizons.

This is how our term is set to unfold:

English- We will study Pannikin and Pinta by Colin Thiele. Our spelling lists will be based on words encountered in the text and word families based on each student’s ILPs. We will also be reading Wonder by RJ Palacio during our Fruit Break. We will examine inferential questions to assist students with their comprehension of the texts they read. The students have been steadily increasing their writing skills. They will continue to practise their sentence stretching and study basic paragraph writing.

Mathematics – Our goal for the students is to achieve mastery rather than brush through a multitude of concepts. The students will study the strands of Addition and Subtraction, Multiplication and Division, Whole Number, Fractions and Decimals, Time and Mass.

Geography – Students will be revising their understanding of habitats then focusing on the study of habitats within Australia. They will explore the climate, natural vegetation and native animals of places in Australia. Students will investigate sustainable practices that protect environments, including those of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples.

Creative Arts – 3-6A will learn and rehearse dance steps to the Heel and Toe Polka and Strip the Willow. They will develop their interpretive dance skills as well as learn tried and true steps that form the basis for Australian folk dances and Aboriginal dances. Students will be encouraged to develop their own simple dance routines to be combined with the routines of their peers resulting in a class dance of our own.

Technology- This term sees the introduction of Robotics into our school. Robots are a fun, easy and effective way to learn about computer programming.  Our students will be using the Dash and Dots Smart Educational Robots to learn basic robotic skills. These lessons will be held on Monday afternoons.

PDHPE – Students will be given a choice of sports for Friday afternoons. If your child has not selected swimming for sport, he will be presented with the options in Week 1.

Please make an appointment to see me early in the Term if you are concerned about any aspect of your child’s progress including preparation for graduating and entering high school. Together we can target problem areas and work for the best outcomes possible for the students before we run out of year. Enjoy the wind down- or should I say ‘wind up’ !

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