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3/6F - Term 4

Welcome to Term 4! We are getting ready to farewell our Year 6 students as they head off to high school. They are visiting their new schools and getting to know new teachers and friends so while we will miss them terribly, we are also excited that they are moving into the next phase of their lives.

This term is a very busy one. We have Mini-fete to look forward to, the Beach Safety Day for our Stage 3 students, a talent quest, Presentation Day, Family Feast and Farewell! In the middle of all this we will also be learning about the different habitats around Australia, and enjoying the story of Pannikin and Pinta-two pelicans trying to survive in the desert.

I would like to take this opportunity to remind everyone that reading every day with your child is the most helpful thing you can do for their education. Home Reading is counted as weekly homework in 3-6F, so please encourage your child to participate in the program.

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