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5/6S - Term 4

Welcome to Term 4, 2018!!!

The students have returned to school invigorated and ready for the final term of what has been an excellent year of learning! There are many events that occur in Term 4 as the year draws to an end…

Here is an overview:

Week 6:

19/11 – Narara Valley High School taster day for Yr 6 – specialist classes - TSP

20/11 – Narara Valley High School taster day for all attending Yr 6

Week 7:

29/11 – Beach Safety Day

Week 8:

4/12 – High School Orientation Day for all Yr 6 students

5/12 – Film Festival

7/12 – Mini-Fete

Week 10:

18/12 – Yr 6 Farewell

18/12 – Presentation Day

19/12 – last day of school

This term we will be studying…


Geography unit – Factors that Shape Places. Students will compare and contrast Australia and Japan in terms of how landforms and climate influence where and how people live

Bushfire Assignment– Each of the students have their Bushfire Assignment with the rubric for marking. They will again explore using the technique of Pecha Kucha to support their presentations.

English - In addition to all areas of English, students will undertake a deeper analysis of a quality text each term. This term we are studying: Fox by Margaret Wild. Furthermore, students will also participate in various individual and ability group structures with the teacher on specific learning tasks for spelling, reading and handwriting and writing.

Mathematics – This term our concept focuses are: fractions and decimals, 3D space, area and mass. Students are ability grouped for Mathematics instruction & participate in practice activities to support mastery and extension of skills. Maths Ninjas continues to be a popular activity with the students supporting and extending skill development.

Homework continues in its same organisation this term. Many students engage in this weekly and they are to be congratulated for their efforts. Interestingly, the students making the most improvements are the ones who engage in all aspects of weekly Homework.

Equipment: It is important that students are well-organised for each day and have all their own equipment. As the year progresses equipment supplies can run low but are still necessary. Below is a reminder of what they need:

  • Students will need: a ruler with millimetres (no metal or bendy ones please), lead pencils, blue, black and red pens, (simple biro pens with no fancy attachments please as they tend to be distracting),large scissors, glue, sharpener, eraser and coloured pencils enclosed in a small pencil case. Large pencil cases take up too much room on desks. Please label all items.
  • Students will also need: a clipboard for keeping their reading log and other notes including correspondence between home and school (eg, newsletters, permission notes) inside and a paint shirt
  • Optional items are fine textas and highlighters
  • Please provide a box of tissues for the class to use
  • Note: no liquid paper / whiteout

I am looking forward to another exciting and productive term.

Mrs Shearman

5/6S Class Teacher

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