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Term 1 2021

Welcome to KM

In KM, we have been settling in to our new classroom and school. We have been learning all about how big school works and have taken it all in our stride.

This is what a typical day looks like in our classroom:

Morning session

In the morning we practise our sounds and our sight words. We have learnt 5 new sounds so far and 5 sight words, we are getting very good at remembering them and will be learning more over the coming weeks. Next, we work through Literacy group rotations. A big focus for us has been perfecting our name writing, cut up sentences, sound identifying, letter tracing and fine motor activities.


Middle session

During this session, we do some work with numbers. We have been looking at the numbers 0-10 and finding the variety of ways we can see them around the classroom and playground. We also do some Maths activities during this session with lots of fun, hands on activities to help us learn. A few of our favourites at the moment have been making numbers with playdoh, making patterns, ordering and sequencing numbers, domino matching and working with ten frames.

Afternoon session

In the afternoon, we will do some hands-on activities such as Art. At the moment, we have been focusing on Nursery Rhymes and a lot of our artworks have been centred around those. We have been using this time to focus on proper use of scissors, glue, paint and oil pastels. We have been loving getting creative!

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