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Term 3

Welcome to our 4/5C class page where you can find out about some things we are learning and see pictures of some of our highlights.

Here is what we will be learning in Term 3:

* Writing: We are learning about how to write informative texts. We are also focusing on improving our sentence structure and punctuation in our writing.  

* Reading: We are reading the text Charlotte’s Web as a whole class and improving our comprehension skills. We are also reading in smaller mixed ability groups focusing on summarising a text and our inferring skills.

* Mathematics: This term we will have a focus on data, time, length, addition & subtraction, area, multiplication & division, chance, fractions & decimals, patterns & algebra, 2D space, whole number. We will also have a focus on additive strategies, number talks and improving our basic maths facts.

* Science: We are doing a combined unit of living world and earth space sciences. We will be learning about the survival of living things and earth’s place in the solar system.   

*Technology: We are learning about coding by using the Code.org program. We will also be learning about how to be cyber safe and how is technology impacting on our health, safety and wellbeing?

* PDH: We are learning about problem solving with Mrs Sturgess on Monday mornings using the Second Steps Program. We are also learning about safe living and completing Child Protection units: Power to Protect and Safe and Respectful Relationships.

* PE: We are practising our tennis skills and learning about how to succeed in invasion/territorial games with Mrs Sturgess.

* Creative Arts: We are learning about the elements of drama and completing class art works to do with the solar system.


Home reading has commenced, this is checked every Friday.

Spelling and study ladder homework has commenced.

Important days in the week:

Library: Monday

Sport: Friday


It is a Departmental of Education requirement that parents provide a letter explaining a child’s absence from school for short or long term or partial ie; part of a day.


Could I kindly ask for all students to donate a box of tissues for our class. Over the coming months we will be needing them.

Mrs Jessica Cole
4/5C class teacher

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