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Welcome to 5/6B's Class Page

In 5/6B, we’re busy building skills across all areas of learning.

In Mathematics, we’re practicing working with place value. In English, we’ve been planning persuasive writing pieces. In History, we’ve completed projects on the development of the Australian colonies, and in Science have been investigating the different survival adaptations of creepy crawlies. Mr Burleigh has a background in illustration, and has been sharing his observational drawing exercises with the class during Creative Arts.

5/6B has also been exploring social and emotional skills in our Second Step program – including building empathy, being assertive, considering other people’s perspectives, and disagreeing respectfully. Each week our students take home a task to practice with an adult. This helps them consolidate these skills and develop more positive relationships.

Students have homework available online or on paper each week, which includes their home reading, spelling words for the week, and some mathematics revision. We also have other opportunities for students who want to push themselves further at home, such as their ReadTheory and Prodigy, for which students can earn rewards at the end of each week!

As a reminder, please ensure your child has all the equipment needed to complete their work each day. This includes a blue or black pen, a red pen, a pencil, rubber, and sharpener, glue stick, and a ruler. Please also bring in a box of tissues for the class, especially while sickness is so rampant, and don’t forget to write your name on the box so everyone can thank them for it!

If any parents or students would like to chat about anything concerning them, don’t hesitate to get in touch!


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