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Term 1 2021

Welcome to 5/6G!! We have many exciting things planned for our students in Stage 3.

In our classroom we have daily speed drills and Numeracy Ninjas as a part of our Mathematics, and Sentence a Day, spelling and writing as a part of our Literacy lessons. Our unit of study in Science is ‘It’s Electrifying’ and an Incursion from Rumbalara’s Bright Sparks will be supporting this in May. In History we are learning about Federation in preparation of our excursion to Canberra later in the year and we have started reading our shared novel, ‘The Accidental Prime Minister’ by Tom McLaughlin.

I am very passionate about fitness and incorporate a weekly Beep Test for the students to participate in as part of their fitness program. I also love Literacy and encourage all my students to borrow a book or two from the library! It's a perfect opportunity for the students to be exposed to a variety of texts and fulfil their daily home reading log.

If you would like to contact me, please call or email the school and I will be happy to get back to you. I am looking forward to a busy and enjoyable year. 




School begins at 8.55am daily. Students who arrive after this time must go to the office for a late pass.

Important days in the week:

Library: Tuesday                Sport: Friday


School Website and School App

Our School website is constantly being updated with new information so it is important to check it regularly for updates. The school app is free and can be downloaded through iTunes.


Students are unable to share equipment so it is necessary for students to bring to class -

  • a ruler with millimetres (no metal or bendy ones please), lead pencils, blue, black and red pens, (simple biro pens with no fancy attachments please as they tend to be distracting), large scissors, glue, sharpener, eraser and coloured pencils enclosed in a small pencil case. Large pencil cases take up too much room on desks. Please label all items.
  • Please provide a box of tissues for the class to use. Thank you to those families who have done so already.
  • Note: no liquid paper / whiteout



In preparation for high school, homework is able to be completed online through Google Classroom. For those students without computer access, paper copies can be given. Homework is to be returned to class teachers by Friday morning. Homework includes:

  • Home Reading: Reading material does not have to be limited to books but can include magazines, newspapers and is to be for enjoyment. Reading logs must be signed by a parent at least once a week.
  • Spelling: Students write out their words four times a week.
  • Mathematics – Times table multiplication facts for practise.

Stage 3 Camp – Canberra. TBA


Please ensure all clothing especially hats and jumpers are clearly labelled.



It is a Departmental of Education requirement that parents provide a letter explaining a child’s absence from school. Any leave (short or long term or partial ie; part of a day) must have the approval of the Principal. A letter beforehand will assist.



Asthma medication should be kept in the student’s schoolbag and the office, and class teachers need a copy of the Asthma Management Plan prepared by your doctor. All other medication MUST be kept at the office and parents will need to complete a medical indemnity form giving details of doses and times. If your child has any allergies or medical conditions that may require urgent treatment our school needs an Action Plan. Please contact us for more details about medical conditions.


Looking forward to seeing you at our Meet the Teacher interview


Miss Jacqueline Green

5/6G class teacher

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