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Term 1 2021

Welcome aboard to 2-6A 2021.

We are an all-boy class this year, so we are in for an interesting year full of adventure and learning.

Here is what Term 1 will look like:

Students will work as one group to learn the major concepts then split off into smaller ability groups to work on their individual learning programs.

English- We are reading The Emperor’s Egg as a class.  Students are working through their spelling lists which incorporate some sight words from our text. They will be practising writing through labelling, sentence stretching, shared writing and writing summaries of Behind the News. Students read daily in reading groups and individually on their own list of sight words.

Mathematics- This term students will be focusing on subitising skills (recognising the value of small collections without counting), Whole Number, Addition and Subtraction, Position, Time and Money. Most are working on the Basic Maths Fact program and some are reinforcing their understanding of early number concepts such as ordering and counting.

Science- The class is studying Life Cycles. They have started growing bean plants from seeds and make daily observations on the progress. Students have been investigating the life cycles of various animals and recently studied some tremendous transformations such as that of the caterpillar to moth and the tadpole to frog.

Creative Arts- We love starting our year with visual arts so that our students can play a part in decorating our classroom with splashes of life and colour. The students practise fine motor skills such as painting, drawing, cutting and gluing in many of the artworks planned for the term.

PDH- Ms Loaney is taking our class for PDH. The students will be studying about Identity and Healthy Relationships.

PE – Students will rehearse Fundamental Movement Skills. This term they will train in the dodge, the catch and the forehand strike. As the end of the term approaches, more time will be devoted to training for the cross country.

ILP Meetings - I look forward to meeting you at the ILP meetings on March 2nd to discuss and form goals for your child for this year.

Communication- Whilst we continue to use ClassDojo as a point system in our classroom, parent/teacher communication will soon migrate to Seesaw. Keep an eye on your child’s bag for notes inviting you to join.

Excursion- We will be heading to Amazement Farm and Fun Park in Week 8. Notes will be coming home soon.

I look forward to sharing the journey of 2021 with you.

Mrs Adams

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