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Term 2 2021

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Welcome to Term 2 happenings

This term, students in 2-6A will be presented with plenty of opportunities to practice their speaking. They will prepare and present speeches for the Public Speaking competition and train in delivering impromptu speeches. The students will read from My Place  by Nadia Wheatley; the classic Australian picture book, which is a 'time machine' taking the reader back into the past. It tells the history of a piece of land in Sydney from 1788 to 1988 through the stories of the various children who have lived there.

Our focus in Mathematics will be whole number, multiplication and division, fractions, 3D space, patterns, length and chance. The students have been enjoying their daily practice recognising the total of groups of items without counting them. Students regularly request mathematics bingo and continue to enjoy the challenge of mastering their basic maths facts.

The theme in History is First Contacts. Our students have spent time learning about the first people to live in our land and the early contacts between the Yolngu of Northern Australia and the people from Makassar, Indonesia. Recently our class investigated some of the great explorers and heard about Captain Cook’s secret instructions. Students will also learn about the nature of Aboriginal contact with the early settlers and the impact it had on the Aboriginal peoples.

With the Cross Country over, our focus in sport and fitness has now turned to Athletics. Each Friday the students will compete in long jump, high jump, discus, shot put or sprints. Our class joined K-2 H and 3-6S for a fun day at Mingara, trying out the various events with support classes from all over the Central Coast. What a fun day! Students who wish to be classified in efforts to explore the PSSA representative sporting pathway should contact me for further information.

Ms Loaney will continue taking lessons in PDH.

Last term our students had visual arts lessons in Creative Arts. This term we switch to music lessons and the students have been very enthusiastic, especially when we got out the buckets for some bucket drumming! We are exploring percussion with particular focus on body percussion.

It has been great seeing your friendly faces around the school again this term. Enjoy the second half of term and the current perfect weather conditions.