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Aboriginal student support

Aboriginal Education Worker

Sharen Herbert is our Aboriginal Education Worker who opens her classroom for cultural awareness and craft activities.  Aboriginal students can take any other student in the school with them to visit Sharen during lunchtime on a Wednesday, Thursday or Friday. Students immerse themselves in a variety of activities to enhance self-esteem and leadership qualities. Playing games, sharing, taking turns, home reading, art and homework are only a few examples of the wonderful activities they can participate in. Sharen offers support for academic, social and cultural aspects of our students and their families. Any questions at all, Sharen is more than happy to be of assistance.


NAIDOC day at Wyoming Public School is a highly successful and culturally significant day. All students and staff participate in the day along with  positive involvement from the school's indigenous community. Indigenous students K-6 play an integral role showcasing their talents and cultural richness by speaking about their culture through our NAIDOC flag-raising ceremony. Aboriginal students from Narara Valley High School attend our celebrations to provide support for our students as they lead activities throughout the day.

NAIDOC day activities continue to be a significant part of the school year, enjoyed and valued by the Wyoming Public School community.

The link above showcases a range of beautiful dreamtime stories, created by some of the students at Wyoming Public School.