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Student leadership

Student Parliament


Student Parliament was first established in 1992. Its implementation was seen as a means of empowering students through active involvement in a fully-functioning democratic model. Year 6 students meet every second Wednesday at 1:30pm. Two representatives from each Stage 2 class also attend our fortnightly student Parliament.


  • Members of Parliament will demonstrate strong leadership skills.
  • All Ministers of Parliament will provide an exemplary role-model for all students.
  • Students will experience the democratic process first hand.
  • Students will have an awareness of the structure of Government and the role Parliament plays within that Government.
  • Parliamentary decisions will be seen to have an influence on school procedure and activities.
  • All members of Parliament will realise that through the democratic process, each person has the right to free expression of ideas, together with the responsibility for the wellbeing of all.
  • All parliamentarians have roles and responsibilities to assist the daily running of the school including: raising the flags, collecting mail, distributing the newsletter and setting up assemblies.

Year 5 Buddies

On a fortnightly basis, students in Year 5 and Kindergarten are involved in a great buddies program. Year 5 students join the Kindergarten students in their classroom to complete a variety of activities such as dancing, playing musical instruments, learning about PDHPE and technology.

Each Year 5 student is given a particular Kindergarten Buddy to assist and bond with for the year.

The Year 5 Buddies also help out in the playground and 'keep an eye' on their buddies while they are playing.