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Term 1

KO have started 2023 with lots of smiles and enthusiasm. Every day we get better at following classroom routines and expectations around how ‘big school’ works. By the end of the week we are well and truly in need of a rest, kindergarten is hard work!


We have been working hard learning about the sounds letters make, counting syllables and  identifying and producing words that rhyme. Lots of stories have been read, our favourite is The Book with no pictures by B.J.Novak because it makes our teacher say funny things.

We have started gymnastics for sport on Tuesday afternoons and love exploring how our bodies can move and stretch. This term we are also studying the unit ‘Who am I?’ for the key learning area Personal Development and Health.


Homework will begin in week five (Monday 20/2) and consists of home reading and sound and sight word practice. Your child will be given a reading log for you to record their nightly reading and a booklet of sounds and sight words. Please take a moment to read the instructions. Both booklets and their reader will be in a plastic envelope which needs to be returned to school every Friday. Home reading and the practice of sounds and sight words is of critical importance in your child’s early literacy learning and support from home will help your child greatly on their journey to becoming a competent reader and writer.



If your child is catching the bus home or to after school care, or they have other afternoon arrangements, could you please send me a note so that there is no confusion or anxiety at afternoon pick up.



Kindergarten can get messy, we would greatly appreciate it if each family could donate a box of tissues and a packet of baby wipes for use in the classroom throughout the semester. Don’t forget a paint shirt or old t-shirt for your child to keep at school to protect their uniform during messy activities. Library bags are required for your child to borrow a book from the library (a plastic bag will suffice).


There are still lots of belongings coming to school without names marked on them. Could you please ensure all items including bags, drink bottles, lunch boxes (containers), hats and jumpers are clearly labelled so that they can be returned to your child and not end up in the school lost property bin.


I am looking forward to spending a busy and productive 2023 with your beautiful children and supporting their learning in their very first year of school. Should you need to contact me please call or email the school office and I will get back to you as soon as possible.


Megan O’Riley

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