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Term 2

Welcome back to Term 2!

It has been so lovely to welcome back our 3/4H students for another fun-filled term of learning. So far this term we have already run the cross country, and it was wonderful to watch so many of our students compete and demonstrate excellent effort and sportsmanship. We are looking forward to hearing everyone’s prepared speeches in class during Week 4. We also have the Jollybops incursion and Jump Rope for Heart to look forward to in Week 10.

This term in Engish, we will be focusing on texts that persuade. We will be analysing persuasive texts and learning about a variety of persuasive devices to use in our writing. We are practising our fluency and expression when reading and are unpacking new and interesting vocabulary in texts.

In science, we are focusing on how liquids and solids change state and the properties of natural and processed materials. We are doing technology with Miss Nagle during our Friday group time. The students have really enjoyed this so far! For sport, we will be practising our skills for the different events that will be in the athletics carnival next term.

The home reading program has started again this term, and many of our students have got off to a great start with reading 4 or more nights a week. Don’t forget that when a student has read for 40 nights in a term, they get to take part in our school celebration and their name goes in the draw to win a family prize. Thanks so much to families for your efforts in supporting home reading so far this year!


* The Wyoming Public School app for devices is free (Apple and Android). You can use this to send notes to explain absences, check the calendar of events or check notifications.

*Please double check with your child that they still have all the stationary required for learning each day. This includes lead pencils, an eraser, a sharpener, a ruler, coloured pencils, glue and scissors.

*3/4H has library on Thursday.

We have so much to look forward to this term! Don’t hesitate to contact either of us if you have any questions.

Teachers: Ms Emma Horton (Mon – Wed) and Mrs Freya Lawrence (Thurs – Fri)

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